Empty statistics and no FUP

Hi guys,
I´m on my way to implement Splynx and testing the demo.

We have a Huawei NE8000F1A router as BRAS with PPPoE. I checked that it sends the download and upload via accounting correctly:

Problem is, I see no data on the stats, and FUP is not registering any use. RRD graphs are all in zero.
On the sessions stats I can see how much my client downloaded or uploaded.
(I can´t paste more than one image)

How can I solve it? Please tell me if you need more info.


Putting more captures, here are the session stats showing the data volumes.

And here are the RRD graphs:

FUPS stats are all in zero.

Please read this post about debugging: Troubleshooting Radius server

and try to check all accounting packages from Huawei “Start”. “Update” , and “Stop”

please check values of “Acct-Input-Octets” and “Acct-Output-Octets”.

And post this values of “Start”. “Update” , and “Stop” accounting packages.

Thanks ex,
As I say, I´m seeing traffic on the sessions, but not on stats and FUP.

Here is what you asked for:


Wed Mar 16 14:40:45 2022 : Debug: (1) perl:   $RAD_REQUEST{'Acct-Input-Octets'} = &request:Acct-Input-Octets -> '751304742'
Wed Mar 16 14:40:45 2022 : Debug: (1) perl:   $RAD_REQUEST{'Acct-Output-Octets'} = &request:Acct-Output-Octets -> '4280088197'


Wed Mar 16 14:40:45 2022 : Debug: (1) perl:   $RAD_REQUEST{'Acct-Status-Type'} = &request:Acct-Status-Type -> 'Interim-Update'


Wed Mar 16 14:48:00 2022 : Debug: (6)   Acct-Status-Type = Start


Wed Mar 16 14:47:58 2022 : Debug: (4)   Acct-Status-Type = Stop

I´m attaching the full debug also, it may be of help.

It´s important to us that Splynx works OK with our Huawei equipment, as it is a deal breaker if not.

Many thanks in advance!!

Hi Dmayan,

This is Vova from Splynx Support.

We would need to have access to your Splynx web/CLI to see what is the issue here.

If possible, please create a ticket by sending email to support@splynx.com and we will conversate from there (to avoid sharing any sensitive info of your server on the forum).

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Thank you, filed as support case #38485

Keep safe!!