Email notifications for Tickets

Wondering if there is a trick to getting support tickets to email? I setup my email configuration and test email works but I am not getting emails when tickets are closed created or updated. I have tried setting a copy email and enabling send emails on the tickets item under config>support.

The way I expected this would work if email is enabled in the support module then when a user creates a ticket in their portal they will get an email and so would admin if configured that way, same for ticket closure and updates etc.

I don’t seem to be able to get emails for any ticket actions.

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Can you share your config / support screenshots ?

This took 2 months to reply :frowning:

I am afraid to use Splynx if this is the kind of support I can expect.

Also Alex seems to have stopped replying to my skype messages.

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Hi, the last message from support team was :

“Can you share your config / support screenshots ?”

Have you sent the screenshots ? Regarding the skype support - you are running FREE license of splynx, sorry, but it doesn’t have any Skype support included.

I didn’t send the screenshots because I was asked 2 months after and I had almost forgotten what I had done where.

However I understand now that I should have made a ticket rather than a forum post.

In regards to Skype support, I had merely asked questions on when the new version of Splynx was due as we discussed previously some features we were awaiting on. I consider this customer service/sales not support.

Hi Rob, as I wrote several times - we provide support on tickets and skype for all customers with paid subscription. We always try to respond on all tickets, just demo users have lower priority.

Customers with free demo version can write the topic on forum and we try to answer there, yes it can take long time, but probably we haven’t seen this particular message, I don’t know why it was not answered for 2 months, sorry for that.

Regarding new features and release - we are trying our best to launch 1.3 version soon. Yes it was planned to launch 2 months ago, but we have plenty of custom development and things like Xero and Quickbooks integration took much more time that we planned.

For people who cannot wait and need to use latest features, there is always :
apt-get update
apt-get install splynx-dev
that installs the latest development pre-release version of Splynx