Email Not in HTML, Strips formating


When I send a simple notifcation email of CAP reached, it will not send the formatign at we get horrible effect:

Dear NEXUS.NET Wired and Wireless CC - MASTER ACCOUNT, Your capped package, TEST-CAPPED has reached 50% of usage. You already used: of traffic. You can load a TOP-UP Package here: Use your email address and cell number to login. Purchased TOP-UPs are valid for 1 month, and billed at the end of the current month. Regards,

NO FORMATTING…please help. Michael



Bug confirmed, will be fixed soon.


@ex Any progress on this?


Fixed 23 days ago…


@ex so how do i get that fixed on my end? am using 1.3 dev.


Hi Erick, you have to use:

apt update
apt dist-upgrade


@Nikolay Did upgrade but still not formatting, am forced to hard code (Html P paragraphs tag & (< b r>) for new line.

The preview mail function broken on this new realease as below


was not updated, and now everything is Ok


@Nikolay Thank you so much…