Disconnecting (disenabling) dhcp clients

Hello Guys!

Recently we have started to explore DHCP clients functionality on our Splynx. Clients get IP addresses/automatically connected using their devices’ MAC addresses as their login/account credentials.

However, if we disable their accounts on Splynx they still remain connected until next reboot of their devices. In additional to that, anything that we change on their accounts seems not to take effect until next reboot of their devices.

Can someone enlighten us about this, please!

Two things to do:
a) Use the Mikroitk API to setup Queues. With that, once the client expires, the Queue gets removed and if you setup a default “dump” Queue, he wont get bandwidth anymore.
b) Set the Lease time to somewhere around 10min on your DHCP Server. Then, he will be blocked and assigned a expired IP after max 10min.

Hi Heiko,

Our configuration is exactly the same as how you have just explained, the only thing that we haven’t done is setting-up a default dump queue. If you won’t mind can you please guide us on how to setup that default queue dump.