Different Templates for Reminders

I would like to have a different template for each reminder. This way we have a template for Reminder 1 that says “Your Invoice is Ready”. A template for Reminder 2 that says “You invoice is Due” and a template that says “Your Account is on Hold”. How would I associate a specific reminder template to the specific reminder?

It’s possible :slight_smile:

Working example:

{% if reminder_type == 1 %}
First reminder
{% elseif reminder_type == 2 %}
Second reminder
{% else %}
Last reminder
{% endif %}

This is great news. Sorry to sound so naive, but where would I put this code?

Hope in reminder template :grinning:
(Config / Templates / Reminder (Mail, SMS))

So right now I have 3 different HTML templates. I would combine them into one as follows:

{% if reminder_type == 1 %}

<html <body reminder text </body </html {% elseif reminder_type == 2 %} <html <body ......

Can you please give me an example so I can understand how to do this?

Like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">

{% if reminder_type == 1 %}
    This is first reminder!
{% elseif reminder_type == 2 %}
    This is second reminder!!
{% else %}
    This is last reminder!!!
    So pray for your soul!
{% endif %}