Different billing cycle for different services on same login


We typically have clients who use multiple services. i.e. Client to service relationship is many to many.

Client C1 uses services S1, S2 and S3 (all internet services)
Client C2 uses services S3 and S4 (all internet services)

We want to know how to do this -

  1. Client C1, service S1 monthly billing
  2. Client C1, service S2 quarterly billing
  3. Client C1, service S3 annual billing
  4. Client C2, service S3 quarterly billing
  5. Client C2, service S4 2 months billing
  6. How do we round off monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly billing to nearest financial end date. e.g. If the first invoice is generated on 20/12/2017 for quarterly billing the service provided is from 20/12/2017 to 31/12/2017 due to alignment with financial quarter. If invoice generated for 6 months billing cycle, the invoice is generated from 20/12/2017 to 31/3/2017 to align with financial year ending on 31/3/2017.

Hello Rajesh,

system, use billing period per customer, if you want use more then one billing period for one customer - you should create more then one customer with the same Full name but different login and billing period.