Difference between Invoices and Requests?

Hello, I’ve been using Splynx for a little while now and I am excited at the possibilities. However, I do have a problem. Splynx auto-generates invoices for all my customers, but my customers do not get notification emails when their invoices are created. They receive no emails from the system until the first payment reminder. Should I be using the requests option instead of the invoices option? I"m not sure what the difference between the two is?

Ideally, I’d like for my customers to get an email informing them of their new invoice the same day it’s created, then on each reminder day afterward.

Also, an automated invite email based on a template would be great, so with one click I could send a user a Welcome email with their username and the web address of my Splynx installation. (I would get them the password manually by SMS most likely.)

Thanks for any guidance on this.

-Matt Jorgensen

Hi Matthew, splynx sends invoices together with 1st reminder. So 1st reminder is not reminder in fact but it’s a first sent message. Second reminder is a real reminder when customer doesn’t pay and then we send last reminder. Three messages are sent at all, in fact first is a auto-sending of invoice, second and third are reminders.

Request - it’s a proforma invoice. Regarding sending of message to customer - you can send it from “Messages” part of Splynx, just chose the name or login of customer and send him message (email/sms or to portal) from template or create a new one. But we will add sending of messages directly from customer tab soon.


For welcome e-mail template I can share mine:

{{ App.t('common', 'Hello') }} <b>{{ customer.name }}</b>,<br> We would like to welcome you as a Super ISP!<br> Your Billing date will be <b> {{ loader.billing.billing_date }} </b> of every month. <br> There is no fixed length contract and you will be billed 1 month in adavnce. <br> Your customer reference number is <b>{{ loader.customer.id }} </b><br> The e-mail address to where your invoices will be sent is : <b>{{ loader.customer.email }}</b><br> Your Wifi password is: <b>{{ loader.customer.additionalAttributes.wifi_pass }}</b><br> <br> To download your invoices, view payments, create support tickets, see your usage statistics, use our customer self service portal my.splynx.com using username <font color="red">{{ loader.customer.login }}</font> and <font color="red">{{ loader.customer.password }}</font> as your password.<br> <br> Our phone numbers in case you have not saved them yet,<br> 1234567890<br> 1234567890<br> <br> office@superisp.com<br>

Save that as mail template, use message section to send message to customer.

Thank you @Kristaps_Dravnieks for the template. Kindly share more templates. Especially reminder and invoice templates. Where’s the list of variables?

@alexcherry why aren’t reminders cleared/deleted after payment has been made? My customers are still receiving reminder emails even though they have paid.

Hi Chris, did you ever figure out why customers still receive reminders after they had paid?