Delay on blocking customer based on FUP

I’ve made several test to block customer using FUP rule and also with CAP. Blocking is run successfully but I have serious issue. When user reached our FUP / CAP rules, it get 2-5 minutes until user fully disconnected. For example: we set 50 MB as quota limit and 4 Mbps bandwidth, if a user is in the middle downloading a file when reach the limit, then he/she will get 100 MB extra because of this blocking delay. We could have a bigger loss if using 300 Mbps. Is it normal or something wrong in our router or splynx setting?

Hi, that will be processed correctly in Splynx 2.0
Right now it’s counting traffic always. So when customer reached limit and until he is blocked (2-3 minutes), the traffic is still counting

Can We have a time frame as to when Version 2 will be available or does it run under splynx-dev

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