Deactivating or disabling customer internet

Hi team. To process a permanent service disconnection / disabling / deactivation, I have identified two possible processes:
Option 1: Edit customer services and set the status to Disabled or enter an End date for a future-dated disconnection.
Outcome: Customer status will remain Active with no services unless a user also changes the customer status to ‘Inactive’.

Option 2: Change the customer status to ‘Inactive’
Outcome: The error message displays: ‘Warning! Customer has active or pending services, all services will be disabled’. However, the status of the services is changed to ‘Stopped’, not ‘Disabled’.

Can anyone please provide guidance on what is the best process to follow for a permanent disconnection? Billing is already turned off for the customer (no need to consider this in scope of the solution/recommendation). Thanks in advance!


you can set the customer as inactive + service as “Archived”. Also bear in mind that disabled services will still be billed for the period in which they were active, a stopped or archived service however - will not be billed.

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