Customers portal / Customization

I trying to hide same column in ‘/portal/finance/invoices’ for customers such as ‘Memo’ or ‘Note’ , but keep visable this columns for admin.
Please help…

Invoice, Proforma invoices memo and note should be used on templates, we don’t show this values on customer portal.

can you share some screenshot where you can see this values on customer portal ?

It’s an interesting situation, and I’m trying many times to repeat it, and …
this work only in one case:
Login as admin and in case you login to portal with the same browser (active admin session) you will receive this situation.
In other browser without admin session you will have standard fields (without note and memo)

:unamused:oh stupid situation I spent hours to resolve this…
I tried editing splynx/views/portal/finance/invoices/index.twig but always returning note and memo in portal, all because admin seassion is active in same browser.
Thank you :slight_smile: