Custom Centralized Hotspot Portal Design Service Request

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I have the following custom development requirement. Please pm if you are interested to undertake the project so we discuss further. Unfortunately the splynx team has been very busy in the coming release so they are unable to allocate resources.

Custom Centralized Hotspot Portal Design
i. Link and/or login to custom hotspot voucher and customer portals. Currently there is no portal for hotspot voucher users in splynx.
ii. Self service create an account.
iv. Integration to mobile money wallets (Three networks) to enable payments via mobile money.

v. Integration to payment gateways (three gateways) to enable payment via these gateways

vii. Complementary pages that could be added and edited in the backend (i.e. portal should be built with cms - drupal,wordpress or custom cms.)

viii. ussd integration for purchases via short codes etc.


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This is how you would do it today without building anything special:
The social registration module will create the user and they can select their service. Then, they login and pay their bill and are activated.

Is this not what you are wanting?

This would have been great. But with the current splynx license module, one can easily exhaust the number user license with self registration module.

Licensing model calculate only Active customers

PS: Do you mean online customers or active customers including those that are not online?

Active customers this is customerst with status “Active” on Splynx.

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