CPE wlan password

If I try to set password for wlan from CPE, splynx doesn’t set it correctly. It set only “*” with length of password.
Example password: “password” splynx set “********” like a wlan password.

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Bug confirmed, we will check this bug and fix soon.

I tried to reproduce this bug, but i couldn’t.
Please tell me:

  1. Which browser do you use.
  2. What do you see after saving and reloading page in WLAN password field (have to click on this field).

I looked deeper into this bug and I found out, that this bug is only with one customer’s account. In this account when I wrote password and click in to the next field and then back to the password field, password is gone. But when i tested it on next account, i didn’t have problem.

And problem is with google chrome v59.0.3071.115 (64bit) and microsoft edge.

I think , there is some javascript error here, please, send some access to support@splynx.com and customer where you receive this error, we will check …