Connecting Mikrotik to cloud Splynx

Hi All
I have setup my Splynx on Azure cloud. All the necessary ports have been opened on the cloud. I am trying to connect a Mikrotik using the example on site but I am just getting timeouts.

Has anyone faced with this issue before? And how was it resolved?


Hi Ben, the first step in troubleshooting is to check the Logs of Radius.
You can find them in Splynx -> Administration -> Logs -> Files and there are two files related to Radius. radius/debug and radius/short
Can you please write what do you have inside these files ?

@ alexcherry I am contemplating a similar deployment. With the increased move to cloud based deployments can your team please put together some azure/aws documentation.

e.g. Setting up the correct azure/aws vpn network configuration. Even better add splynx to the cloud libraries?

Hi Thomas,

I have setup our Splynx in the cloud. I’ve yet to get to grips with Splynx itself but have managed to connect some equipment using PPTP (See;

You need to open the API port on the Mikrotik on the PPTP interface.