Connect routeur customer and router mt server splynx



hi I’m having trouble adding but API on splynx server it always sends me API error
while i set up pppoe server and pppoe client


Hi lebasto7
Can you describe more detail your problem?
What kind of error you get from Splynx API?
Add screenshots, please.

Thank you

P.S. Perhaps the following next links will help you


in fact my concern is I can not add the router of the clients in the server splynx while I have the connexio part of the main router


This is some kind of connection/NAT/routing misconfiguration. I will check the network with you and we will see how this can be fixed


can you ping the splynx server from you clients equipment???vice versa???


The task was solved, there was a need to configure PPPoE server and link it with Splynx server, everything was ready and working