Configuration of the OSPF routing protocol

Greetings, I am about to migrate my flat network to a routed network using the OSPF protocol in Mikrotik, please how can I do this migration using splynx, I add the current diagram, don this switch I wish to add Mikrotik router.

As i see in the picture, if you add a mikrotik router instead of the switch in node 2, you should add this router in splynx(In Case you USE OSPF, is better to manage router with the loopback OSPF IP’s). In this new router you should configure the radius and add PPPOE server in every interface you have an antena receiving customer authentication requests(Or if you use switch and router, you can set only pppoe server on the interface connected to switch). You can read how ti authenticate users PPPOE here If you have splynx in cloud, you can add PPTP link between it and your network as we explain in this guide We can talk longer in skype: jorgeg94