Conditional Rollover of Capped Data if Customer recharge before monthly expiration

We are looking for a feature whereby Rollover credit will only be done if customer tops up with at least one of the topup packages before the current topup expiry date is reached.

For example a customer buys a monthly “Pay as you go” package of 25MB and does a topup of 50GB on 1st January 2018 which will be valid through 31st January 2108.
Now as at 31st January 2018 customer has used 18GB of topup credit. We want conditional rollover where customer has to topup at least with a 5GB package before 31st Janaury 2018 to have his unused 32GB from Janaury rollover to February.

Secondly it seems rollover credit expiry is not working currently.

rollover expiry works properly, maybe you need to update to 2.0 version, it will be released next week.
Your feature request - I don’t support it, it’s too complicated, I think nobody will understand how it works