Clients not auto reconnecting PPPoE

I’m newish to Splynx (migrating from UISP).

We have everything migrated and basically working on Splynx (ie PPPoE, plans, basic settings).

If I create a manual invoice, for any amount, regardless of due date or amount owing, the system won’t reconnect that client, after any form of disconnection (ie power outage).

I have to delete the invoice from the client account, then the PPPoE session reconnects instantly.

I’ve tried adding a -$200 minimum balance, and a bunch of other setting changes to fix the issue, but currently no idea.

It’s an issue, as I have a bunch of account balances to transfer from UISP to Splynx. If clients are going to be disconnected until ALL amounts are clear, we’ll have some angry customers!

Support told me to read the manual. I’m stll trying with them, but hoped someone in the community might know the new guy mistake I’ve made?

Any insights would be appreciated!

Hi, please try: Config / Networking / Radius

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It appears to be the solution atm, thank you so much