Client status offline

Hi all,

We are using MAC address as a login and password to enable client to get IP address direct from splynx and get connected.

The client gets connected but after a while the client seems offline from splynx and no data usage is recorded, but in actual sense the client still has the internet connection. When the client CPE is rebooted the splynx account returns back to be online.

And also we observed the lease time in miktrotik does not complete, it expires at half the actual time.
(The connection = Splynx - Mikrotik - Baicell )

Can someone enlighten us about this, or what to do for the Client CPE to be online all the time and control it

We added each clients CPE to monitoring - (snmp and ping) and this issue seems to have stopped.

I am suspecting that if a radio for some reason does NOT move enough traffic (client not home or whatever) it appears offline to the system.

It is possible to change the # of bits required in the time frame - we just added each to the monitoring however