Cisco IOS-XE pppoe rate limiting


The Splyx documentation basically suggests that only Cisco IOS is capable of rate limiting PPPoE traffic, and gives some older radius attributes (which don’t work on IOS-XE) that are used for that.

In my setup, with IOS-XE and an ASR1002, I have used the ‘Cisco-Service-Info’ attribute for establishing rate limiting, and in testing with splynx, customizing the radius template with rate-limit attributes like this:

Cisco-Service-Info = QU;{{ rx_rate_limit }};{{ rx_rate_limit / 8 ) * 1.5}};{{ ((rx_rate_limit / 8 ) * 1.5 ) *2 }};D;{{ tx_rate_limit }};{{ (tx_rate_limit / 8 ) * 1.5}};{{ ((tx_rate_limit / 8 ) * 1.5 ) *2 }}

This establishes policing on the pppoe interface for the client. I don’t know if this is proper but is does verifably work for me, although, from cisco cli there doesn’t seem to be a graceful way to see per user config and only ‘show sss session all’ (which isn’t even a registered cli command) gives me the whole picture. Wondering if anyone else on IOS-XE has a different take on this?