Changelog history

Is it also possible, for example in the forum, to provide information about the changes in the new versions such as the different ones in 2.3.59 versus 2.3.56?

Mart Dirks - ITeeCo (Netherlands)

Hi Mark,
for now we have only one page where all the changes described:


We seem to be up to v 2.3.8866, but changelog only shows up to 8840. Any chance of the small incremental changes being added to the changelog, posted as post on the forums, or having a CHANGELOG file in the /var/www/splynx directory we could check?

update: version file in the /var/www/splynx folder hasn’t been updated since 16 Jul and shows incorrect version (2.3.8232)


Hi Morgan,
file /var/www/splynx/version contains info about splynx package, and in web interface of Splynx you had note about splynx billing package, please check a screenshot: