Change the default queue type in mikrotik

Good morning my friend, how are you? Today I come with a new question.

You could tell me how you can change the QUEUE TYPE that automatically creates the splynx can be changed to guasto ??

So you do not assign “default-small” to “pcq-up and pcq-down” for example

For You it will be quicker to assign actual queue type in mikrotik confuguration to your preffered for default-small.

Sure I edit it directly on mikrotik? So there’s no way to tell splynx how much to assign?

On Splynx is possible to set it to Mikrotik API rules (check Config / Networking / Mikrotik API)

about radius: this is not possible by mikrotik limitation (please check Manual:RADIUS Client - MikroTik Wiki)

Here are some Rate-Limit examples:

128k - rx-rate=128000, tx-rate=128000 (no bursts)
64k/128M - rx-rate=64000, tx-rate=128000000
64k 256k - rx/tx-rate=64000, rx/tx-burst-rate=256000, rx/tx-burst-threshold=64000, rx/tx-burst-time=1s
64k/64k 256k/256k 128k/128k 10/10 - rx/tx-rate=64000, rx/tx-burst-rate=256000, rx/tx-burst-threshold=128000, rx/tx-burst-time=10s

Hello Ruslan, thanks for your reply! I already made the changes but I still get the same results, I show them.

please read my post … again …

ps: you change api rules, but don’t use api for shaping …