Celluar WISP - Router and CPE are the same device

We provide connectivity to our clients using LTE. Currently the carrier is handling billing and data supply, but we are looking to move to a new model where we will also be managing and re-selling the data plans.
I am looking at Splynx both for existing clients largely for inventory and monitoring purposes (and some may wish to transition to the new service) as well as managing new clients where we would supply a data plan.

However, whilst it looks almost ideal (we use Mikrotik), I’m not fully sure how to implement it for our usage case given that we don’t operate a normal router/CPE model - in fact they are the same thing in our case and each user has their own router.
We can hook everything up via a PPTP server, but I’m not 100% sure where to go from there.

Having read through the docs, I need to configure my routers as routers(!) - but for client auth - I’d ideally want everything that passes through a particular router to be assigned to an individual client.

How would I do this? None of the customer authentication methods seem to quite fit.

Hi Martin,

I think for such a project the splynx team would definitely be able to support.

Otherwise, please seek the services of a consultant to assist with the design, implementation and training. I am available for this.