CDR Rating Error


Not sure if I’ve missed something. Also, where in the client section do you put the voice identifier?


Hi Dominique,

you should to create voice services with phone numbers which you will import like “source”



This CDR is not rated. is it possible that you can include CDR rating and the system should be able to calculate total minutes and produce total amount.


@Hassan_R_Hussein - currently finishing this things…


Wonderful! That is good news to hear.


Guys, we are working on CDR rating engine that will bring to Splynx ability to manage the Voice services. This is the main part of 2.0 Splynx version. At the moment we have done 90% of the work and are testing currently CDR rating in one production network. Our goal is to have it done in still 2017 and put CDR rating to 2.0 beta during January of 2018