Cannot stop webhook posting

Trying to build out an integration with Splynx and the webhook will not stop firing regardless of settings. Events can be added without issue however once added they cannot be stopped.

I temporarily added the event radius reject, as expected it sent a post to my webserver on the radius reject event however when this event was removed Splynx continued to post radius reject JSONs, this behavior has continued despite disabling the hook and even deleting the hook, this occurs with all event types tested.

The events that continue to fire are also not listed in the hook_events table of the database.

Is there anything I can do here to actually remove the hooks and events that I no longer wish to run?


There may be a problem with the RabbitMQ service that hooks rely on for processing.

You can try to remove temporary rabbit files and do a fresh start of the service:

sudo rm -rf /var/lib/rabbitmq/*
sudo systemctl restart rabbitmq-server.service

You can check the following logfile afterwards:


After restart you should find next lines in this log file if rabbit works correctly:

2023-09-20 12:35:35.405 [info] <0.8.0> Server startup complete; 0 plugins started.
2023-09-20 12:35:35.545 [info] <0.486.0> accepting AMQP connection <0.486.0> ( ->
2023-09-20 12:35:35.552 [info] <0.486.0> connection <0.486.0> ( -> user 'guest' authenticated and granted access to vhost '/'
2023-09-20 12:35:40.357 [info] <0.523.0> accepting AMQP connection <0.523.0> ( ->
2023-09-20 12:35:40.361 [info] <0.523.0> connection <0.523.0> ( -> user 'guest' authenticated and granted access to vhost '/'

If this does not help, please file a ticket by writing an email to

Legend, all running as expected after that.