Can one make a Backup Server

Hey guys is there a way to run a backup server just with the usernames and passwords??? just that if my main server goes down then my clients can still auth???

Hi skoenman,
please wait, we testing that function now. If all will fine, we will write post on the forum.

Cool Thanks Nikolay will be nice to have a backup…

I’ve thought this too… Having another server with a mysql mirror and Freeradius to use as a backup if the Splynx server should go down.

Would have worked well this weekend as my server blew up and i had to put over to other server…not fun…

Do you run on a physical server or virtual machine? Mine runs on Xenserver as a virtual machine, and I have an automated backup job that takes a snapshot of my system every night and saves to a NAS. If things were to blow up, I can restore it from the last working backup and reboot it. Very worthwile to look into. I keep 14 days worth of backups so I have the ability to go back up to 2 weeks in the past.

That could work…what addon are you running to do the backup?? Im running Vmware esxi at the moment…

Any news on this maybe?? I had my main server blow its powersupply and was a struggle for a week to get everything up and running again.

Any update on this?

Hey man any news on this? Maybe a server that just allows people to auth… no need for all the api stuff.