Blocked Users not working like I need it to

I am trying to get a fully working demo setup before migrating a little over 1,000 customers to this system. I have successfully setup Splynx on a remote server at Digital Ocean. My client verification process works and the Block option drops the session, but I cannot seem to get the correct settings in place so that the client is directed to a blocked users page. My setup is as follows: Digital Ocean (Splynx) server — Mikrotik CCR1036 (core router) — UBNT EdgeRouter POE ---- UBNT AP (port 1 on ER) — UBNT client attached to AP. I have all of the settings on the client, AP and ER as provided in your videos, so I do not know what I am missing. My Mikrotik router is not creating the address lists as shown in your video. Can you give me a few tips as where to look for a solution? Thanks.

Screenshots of configurations,

Routers, Customers, etc, Detailed description what are you using - radius / api , where … and what…

Here is the setup that I want…CPE (PPPOE) authenticates through Splynx (radius)…AP points to the Splynx server (in the cloud) for authentication. I have my Mikrotik core router setup in Splynx with Authorization/Accounting set to PPP (radius)/Radius accounting. I want to be able to go to the Customer Information tab, select blocked and have the customer’s IP blocked and redirected to the Blocked web page that I have set up. I also want the system to re-enable the customer’s IP when a payment is made or when we switch them back to Active without having to restart the CPE. It does not appear that the Splynx server is communicating with my Mikrotik router to make it work like it does in the video tutorials. I am sure that I am missing some steps somewhere, just not sure where. Thanks.

as i understand radius, so 99 % problem in a CoA config … did you configure radius incoming on mikrotik ?

Accept must be enabled, and Requests must be more than 0 …

Yes…accept is enabled but the Requests remain at 0.

The blocking feature in Splynx is working, but it does not appear to communicate with the Mikrotik to create the Reject and Active Lists.

Yes, so looks like you have some problem with configuration… - send support ticket, with detailed description of situation, and with access to your Splynx and routers, and our support team will check and find the problem.

I’m having the same issues on digital ocean did you find a solution.