Billing feature request

Below list of additional charges that would be good to have on a service,

Connection Charge
Disconnection Charge
Contract term (1 Month/24 Month/3 year)
Early disconnection charge (if disconnects before contract term)
Option to bill to term (Some service for us you can terminate early and just pay an additional disconnection fee some also have a bill to end of term)

Hope that makes sense.


I need this too

I find the current billing implementation not so user friendly.

Currently we offer prepay monthly billing but would like to offer a 12 month contract/subscription paid monthly with a early termination penalty.

+1 … Got the same request today also (disconnect and connect charge)

I will +1 this one,
Its actually a requirement for us, as we offered tiered pricing based on commitment term.

The feature was added to the task list, we will start working on it in Jan 2018, I think it will be part of 2.1 release

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Great news

Hi Alex,

Do you know when this feature will be available? As it is also a requirement for us.

It’s in 2.1 release that will be available next week


AWESOME !!! This will make another sale possible !!! Amazing how this has been an issue for a few folks when I have tried to close the sale.