Baicells IP Addressing


What are Baicells users doing to manage their customer’s devices in Splynx? I want to be able to get usage and online/offline notices per clients, but Baicells does their own routing.



Are you using the Splynx-Baicells module?



We are not using it currently. We are still in beta of Baicells testing and I didn’t want to buy a module that we are not using much.

Will the module show the customers online/offline base on the SIM status in BOSS?



the module itself doesnt show off/online state. Baicells API doest have that feature (yet).
We use the module together with the LGW of the Baicells eNodeB to achieve that.
Means, you get a on/offline indicator for Baicells clients which create traffic through a router.

Alternatively, via the new IPLOOK module, we have Online/offline indictation along many more LTE realted features like MultiAPN support.