Appointment schedule alerts

How do I tie a ticket and a task together if I have to dispatch to a customer’s house to re-aim a radio that is out of alignment for example?

I can automate emailing them through the tickets with the ticket automation functionality, but how do I move the Scheduled time to the ticket, and then email that to the customer?

(This was too long so I deleted everything not related to the core question)

Well now i’m having trouble with just getting the automation to work.
I created a rule that said "Anything that has a status of “Scheduled Dispatch” (SD) would result in an email sent to the customer’s email 1 hour after the status changed. I then created a ticket for my test user with my email because it said it’d only work on tickets created after it was created

It didn’t work after an hour so I thought maybe creating the ticket with the status as SD was why that happened, so I changed it’s status to new, and then back to scheduled dispatch. Still no email an hour later.

lol my automation rule was Custom email, not email customer. I modified it and its now working… still can’t figure out how to alert people about their appointment details though.

How can I automatically forward over the scheduled task time/date/location to a customer so they know they have an appointment locked in with us?