ADSL users working in a blocked state


Some of the ADSL subscribers are working in a blocked state.and not working in the active state which is strange. I have checked the configuration and nothing is different form other subscribers.

below is the screenshot of one of the subscribers. any help will be appreciated.

Please check your radius configuration on Config / Networking / Radius.

Hope, you use different NAS type for DSL customers, and it’s possible to configure different blocking rules.

You can find some info here:

I have checked Config / Networking / Radius and it looks different with the one you shared. There is no enable/disable option and there is IP addresses

Should I erase all the IPs

Hi, the IP of customer is static, so he always always gets the same IP, even when he is blocked.
The IP is put to Reject_1 address list and you need to create blocking rules for it


We have still strange behavior:

The list in this screenshot are all subscribers working in a blocked state. if we make active they are not working.