Admin to be able to add form of payment

How are CSRs supposed to add a customer’s form of payment when a customer calls? For now we are building a process for our reps to login to the customer portal as the customer and add the credit card.

Why can we not have a simple way for the CSR to add a credit card to client’s account?

If the CC must be added through the customer portal, can we get a one-click button to login to customer portal as client that handles the security in the backend and just lets my CSR reps in the portal?

Hello spous, did this issue get resolved for you? I am interested in the same thing and I’m not clear what the solution is.

In our case, we don’t want our clients to have to use the customer portal for paying their bill. They want to sign up for service, provide their credit card details or bank info to the support agent, and that’s it.

The customer portal is a nice option for people who are little more tech savvy, but it shouldn’t be a requirement for using the service.