Add speed variable to contracts

Hey All,
I am trying to add our contract as a template, but we have a field that is the client’s speed. Is a way to grab that? It seems like it should be there, but I don’t see it in any variables.

Additionally, I don’t see a way to get recurring services either. when I try dump(loader.getServicesByTypeAndStatus(‘recurring’, ‘active’) it returns null. I believe I just have the wrong value for type, but I am not sure on the correct value.
Edit: the value is custom

Any help is greatly appreciated!


regarding tariff speed twig variables - the only way to display tariff’s speed is to use loader for tariffs internet like this: loader.getTariffs()[‘tariffs_internet’]

For example - {{ dump(loader.getTariffs()[‘tariffs_internet’][3]) }} this will output variables for internet tariff #3

{{ dump(loader.getTariffs()[‘tariffs_internet’]) }} - this will output all internet plans.