Add credit card or make payment from Admin Portal


What do I have to do to get a payment button, and the ability to add a card via admin site?

We use a call center for customers to call when they don’t want to use the client portal. Other billing software would allow us to add the customers cards, setup autopay, etc from the admin portal. Our customers are getting really mad that we can no longer do these things while over the phone and we are not getting paid.

I have to have to be able to add credit cards and charge the cards from the admin portal.


What payment addon do you use ?

We already have this feature on Braintree, and i think on Stripe addon.

(button pay invoice from admin side)

ps: - we also like this feature request.


I use IPPay.

I mainly need to be able to add credit card info via admin. Customers often call us to add credit card to auto-pay or make a one-time payment with a credit card. These customers do not use the customer portal.


Spencer: I 100% agree.
Over 85% of the US WISP market uses IP Pay.
I hear this when i have folks demo the software.

It is needed.

I’ll upvote for sure


At this moment, I have a 2 page instructions on looking up customer portal password, logging in as customer, adding payment, charging, removing payment, etc. just for a 1 time payment. This is not a practical way for a CSR to take a payment. Not to mention the security risks of looking up the customers password. But I have no other way.

Please help.