ACS vendors and variables

Hi, I am starting this thread to share experience with deploying Splynx ACS server.
Mikrotik RouterOS has a very solid TR69 implementation and allows to perform diagnostics like ping, traceroute and wireless signal measurement. Also very nice feature is ability to send configuration file with .alter extention that will immediately apply the change of configuration remotely.
We can also add and update existing configuration of Mikrotik router from Splynx GUI.
For initial provisioning please use these TR69 variables available by mikrotik :
Device.PPP.Interface.1.Username - to define or change the pppoe username
Device.PPP.Interface.1.Password - to define or change the pppoe password

Device.WiFi.SSID.1.SSID to change the SSID name
Device.WiFi.AccessPoint.1.Security.KeyPassphrase for changing the password of WIFI

Attached is the screenshot that shows how to configure a provisioning flow in Splynx to achieve that customer will get - pppoe changed from the default to his service user/password and update his WIFI name to the predefined template name.

If you want to update the system Identity on Mikrotik, to use the Splynx login in it, please do the following in ACS configuratio :

Device.DeviceInfo.X_MIKROTIK_SystemIdentity use template and set Mikrotik - {{ customer.login }}

Screenshot attached :

And the more advanced configuration with creation of PPPoe and IPoE interface in the initial provisioning is shown below (please use the same order of variables in configuration) :

TPlink devices that were tested :
MR600 - supports CWMP by default, version tested 1.1.0 0.9.1 v0001.0 Build 22072

Regarding configuration, the change on PPPoE interface for provisioning can be done using these variables :

Change of SSID -

Hi All.

I can confirm that the following routers/CPEs will work with Splynx ACS

  1. Totolink AC1200 A3002RU
  2. Mercusys AC12G
  3. Cudy WR1300/M1200/M1300

From what i can see the Cudy range will stay stable over a HTTPS connection where the TotoLink will time out after a day. it will remain online through Genie but splynx will at times show them as offline. Mercusys will at times not sync through HTTPS.

So at this point i have a few devices showing online and offline when infact all of them are indeed online.

Yeah, I saw similar behaviour, fortunately we have added support of both - HTTP and HTTPS, so some of the devices I connected via HTTP. I know it’s not a secure way, but it all is inside of my network it’s not that bad.

Hi Alex, could you share a variable template for Huawei GPON modems creating a new connection profile?