Account Balance & Statement Figure Incorrect


We have noticed that the account balance is misleading and incorrect (in my view) when a credit transaction has been added with add to invoice enabled. I’m keen to understand other splynx customer’s views on this.

For example:-

Before adding a credit transaction, my reseller/customer has an unpaid invoice totalling 1000.00 that is due for payment but not paid. Account balance and statement both show 1000.00 due. All good.

Now, the customer has asked me to cancel one of his services and issue a pro-rata credit for 200.00. So I add a credit transaction for 200.00 and enable “add to invoice”. Upon my next billing day (for me 1st), the invoice will be created and total 800.00. Still all good.

My argument is, the next invoice has not yet been generated yet and might not be for 30 days more but the account balance and statement both show 800.00 is owing and due. This is incorrect. The customer actually owes 1000.00.

We have asked splynx to add the credit transaction to the next invoice and it should not be taken into account on the statement and account balance until the invoice has been generated.

It’s confusing for the customer and for our staff. E.g, when we chase debits, the account dashboard balance shows 800.00. We would need to get our calculator out to work out the real figure owed.

The customer downloads his statement and sees 800.00 so he sends payment for 800.00 and not 1000.00 (yes some customers pay off their statement and not invoices).

My view is that when a credit transaction is added with “add to invoice” it should not be counted in the account and statement balances until after the invoice has been created. The invoice date is the legal day upon which the credit is applied and therefore it should not be accounted for prior to this date.

The account balance and statement is of little use the way it is as the information is incorrect.