32 bit subnet masks?

We’re starting to use Splynx but so far there’s 1 major problem I can’t seem to find a fix for. We use ‘every’ IP address in our network ranges because most of our clients are PPPoE and therefore all /32 addresses, we have no need for broadcast or network address. But if I add a network range to Splynx i.e. then we can’t choose or to assign to a customer

Is there a config setting to allow /32 masks or a workaround to assign these addresses?

We have the exact same problem! (Support Ticket #3852)

Response from Alex that time was:
“I spoke with developers, there is no way to use network and broadcast IPs.”

Surely they can add a checkbox when adding a network range “allow broadcast and network addresses to be assigned”

If they can’t do that for whatever reason, then surely they can add another option when creating a service for a customer

  • None
  • Dynamic
  • Static
  • Custom

If you pick custom you can enter any IP address you want without having to make IPv4 networks at all. That would be the best option for us, we don’t really need to have all our subnet ranges in Splynx

But what is utter madness is having the x.x.x.48-.63 range and the only way to use .63 is to create a /25! ridiculous! Devs please just add the custom field for IP address, this should be really simple to implement as its just storing a single entry in a SQL database right? No checks for valid or overlapping IP’s or anything is necessary

We are thinking about adding this feature.
As a temporary solution, you can set a custom IP address as described here - https://doc.splynx.com/display/SPL/Radius+server+customization (Example 4)

/32 and /31 will added to Splynx with next upgrade. (very very soon)

And possibility to use network ip, and broadcast …

About Custom network usage, it is already possible as custom field on radius setup as wrote @peter.
For Mikrotik API we will not add this possibility as this can completely broke Mikrotik API work…

Hi all,

From Splynx 2.2 (released)

/32 and /31 now possible to add to Splynx IPAM.

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