Splynx PPPoE Connect

Hi why when the customer was added as NEW and the SERVICE Status is ACTIVE

The PPPoE Router get connected with a IP block outside of my MIKROTIK router some block like 10.20.x.x
and the customer can broswe and anything i want to know how i can add a message for this when the customer connect under INACTIVE, PENDING PAYMENT or NEW status because i cannot pass internet to a new or suspended customer until they pay or until the tech activation

I think you should read this: https://splynx.com/2666/blocking-of-non-paying-customers/

Привет, Splynx.
В качестве роутера Edgerouter PRO. Клиенты подключаются по PPPoE.
В настройках NAS включил "Разрешить без депозита"
Сессия с сетью 10.250.х.х , при отрицательном балансе либо заблокированной учетке, не поднимается.
Что еще необходимо включить?