Splynx Custom Administrators Roles

Dear Team,

I have been looking at the admin roles and seems to have very few roles that are already predefined (Super administrator, Administrator, Manager, Finance and Not alterable). Could you list various system permissions so as i can create a user with custom rights. Ie Support team i can choose to allow them view client details, service, stats but not be able to add, edit or delete a transaction. Below is a sample roles pages bought the Idea from my prev billing platform WHMCS

I have noted no support department. Only admin can view & raise support tickets etc.

Hi Erick,
you have to set role as “Manager” for your “User”, then play with next toggles:

Thank you, I see you have well structured all this…

Hi Nikolay is not possible to create custom roles ? because if i have 400 people for example working with splynx i need to use this toggles one by one in each user

@Alvin_Nunez Yes It is possible, Just enable what you want your Admin users to Access. Note.

Do you mean this? From Administration >> Administrators>>ADD

These are the user groups and seems predefined. May be the dev team advice.

Sometimes we may require different roles than the predefined roles, and its really time consuming to enable disable all the options for each user. I have experienced this. If we can also define custom roles will be great.

Yes but i need to add custom roles like Sales People, Support Team, some like this without need to enable the options users by users is not liked.

We have plan to add custom administration roles into Splynx 2.0.

Will share some screenshots next week.

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Thanks for adding custom administration role, but when Version 2.0 is expected?

We plan to release on end of October.