Splynx creating duplicate firewall rules

I am very new to Splynx and have a customer (WISP) that makes use of Splynx.
Splynx seems to be creating duplicate firewall rules, please let me know where I can find any “logs” related to this or where I look to resolve the problem.

See attached screenshot

Am I following the wrong process? Not getting responses on my posts in this forum.


first of all make sure that your ROS is latest stable version. If so, and you still have duplicated firewall rules - create a ticket.

Also check your whitelist under Config/networking/Mikrotik API - IP firewall filter/DHCP: maybe you have some duplicated entries there.

Hi Mykhailo,

Thank you for the response / reply.

I have checked filter rules under config as suggested, no duplicate items there.

Mikrotik is running latest “long term version”, when you say create a ticket, you referring to with Mikrotik or Splynx Support?



i spoke about Splynx support.

Thank you Mykhailo,