SMS Gateway sharing, recommendations

For clients who are using SMS sending in Splynx.

Please leave a feedback about your current SMS gateway about pricing, limits and in what country you are using it to help our clients to decide what SMS gateway to use in Splynx.
Some of our clients in Australia are using this SMS service in Splynx.

A lot of our clients are using this SMS gateway in South Africa and in other countries. Can be used in more than 170 countries.
Using in South Africa

Not recommended to use TextMagic SMS-gateway.
The only reason is configuration difficulties in Splynx.

also recommended for use

Simple configuration, suitable for Nigeria

using in United Kingdom, Spain without problems

hormuud SMS gateway is not recommended for using in Splynx because of expired access token what must be re-generated every 2 hours.

SMSPortal - The RESTful API authenticates HTTP requests using tokens, which are generated using your API credentials. Each token is valid for 24 hours from creation, after which they expire and a new token will need to be generated.

Not recommended for using in Splynx.

HI just wondering if Text Magic is going to become easier to use with Splynx?


looks like they updated API documentation and at first sight it should work now. You can register some trial account and send API credentials to Splynx support with setup request.

BulkSMS config example.

  1. Create API token and do base64 encode BulkSMS API Specification
  2. Encoded result will be in next format - AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaAAAAaaaaabbbBBBBBbbbbBBBBBBBBBBBBB==
  3. Setup SMS in Splynx.

SMSPortal have features configure without generate tokens
information about this you can find here : HTTP API (Legacy)
This is Splynx config example

Twilio (SMS with Twilio Programmable Messaging: Send and Receive Texts in Your App - Twilio) is also suitable.

Setup example:

If you have a SID number and the API token from Twilio follow these steps:

  1. Place SID number inside gateway URL as it shown on a screenshot;
  2. Open this site and put combined SID:Token (strictly in this format SID:token) and click “Encode”. Use the result value for authorization in SMS configs in Splynx as on a previous screenshot.

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This is config example for SMSGlobal working in New Zeland
documentation for HTTP API
Splynx config example : SMS gateway for New Zeland
Splynx settings

Also required authentication header with base 64 encode

iSMS Malaysia

No authorization header required, use iSMS credentials in payload:

Telnyx SMS APIv2 example:

BulkSMS v2 example. No authorization header required.

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