Setting multiple services on a single login

We have been using Splynx for a while now and are very pleased with it. There is a function that we would like to achieve but have been unsuccessful in getting it to work. Basically we have customers who want to change the tariff they are on. We want to be able to change the tariff on the date they pay their bill. We have tried to setup their connection such that their existing service will end on their billing date and the new service start on the same date. When we setup the second service we can only set it as pending as it warns us that “Login must be unique in active services”. Is it possible to do what we are trying here?


This is a great feature i would request too…

Would be a great addon.
Enduser could change himself the tariff he is using.
That change would make sense to become effective on the next Billing Cycle whereas the Login credentials would be transported to a different service so that the (PPPoE) login stays the same, but the Tariff changes.

Should be possible for the system to have scheduler/cron running which is checking daily for customers to be modified into a different tariff?


disable old service, and set end date as yesterday.

for any other situation in splynx exists button “calendar” in services.

and it is possible to change tariff from admin part… and from portal part…

Thanks. However we want to be able to pre-plan these changes.

For example if a customer who normally pays us on the 10th of each month contacts us on the 1st of the month and wants to change the tariff, we would like to be able to set their connection so that the old tariff ends on the 10th and the new tariff starts on the same day. Simply, customers may have paid for a higher level of service and we don’t want to change them until the next date that they would be paying us.