Required permissions for Splynx API user

I recently reconfigured a Mikrotik router for a new customer of mine, customer is a WISP and using Mikrotik routers with Splynx managing the queues.

The reason I had to reconfigure the Mikrotik router is due to it being compromised, so I reconfigured it with only necessary access / permissions.

I followed the below link to create the permissions for the Splynx API user and not aware of any problems and Splynx seems to be functioning:

But Splynx consultant keeps insisting that Splynx needs “full admin permissions”

Can someone please confirm what permissions are required for Splynx to function?

Can anyone please confirm above? If more information is required, please let me know

Usually there is no need to grant all permissions.
But Splynx is constantly changing and also RouterOS, so impossible to say which permission to allow - better to just have full.

That is why our consultant told you grant all permissions. You may grant not all, but some features may fail. You will see errors on logs tab.

Hi Peter,
Thank you for the feedback, and yes, I understand these are products that keeps on evolving and what you say makes sense but I suspect it does not apply at this moment.

I will then keep with the limited permissions and follow change management and monitor logs in Splynx, if errors, will address accordingly.