Quickbooks Addon Fails during install

I tried to install the Quickbooks addon this evening. It fails during the yii migration with error "Exception ‘yii\db\Exception’ with message ‘could not find driver’ "

apt shows the addon as being installed, but it doesn’t show in splynx. Files show in the /var/www/splynx/addons/ directory…

Any tips?

Hi Matthew,
try to install - php(version)-sqlite3 and then reinstall QB-addon

Thank you! That worked… It was trying to install php7.0-sqlite3 and my splynx is using 5.6… .Installed php5.6-sqlite3 and then the quickbooks addon and all is good!

Also, just so I know, when you sync customers with Quickbooks, does it sync past invoices and payments also? I set in params.php to use begin date of 2017-08-01 as start date for synce, as 7/20 was the last round of invoices I had manually entered into quickbooks. But it didn’t seem to sync the invoices from 8/20 and 9/20.

Keep up the good work! Thanks so much.

Hi Matthew,

no, addon QB will sync only new invoices and payments, if you wan sync old documents too, please create ticket and we will help you.