Purge/Deleting deleted customers?

in 1.3 I have created some accounts for testing with the same email address and found that the second account cannot login through the customer portal.
I think this is because of the problem discussed here:

My users use email address for both login and email (they are the same and that’s the way we like it to be)

So given that there is a deleted user with the same login/email I don’t think setting the portal settings to login will help.

I need to know how I can manually delete the deleted user from the database and/or if this happens automatically after a certain time?

  1. No, there are no automatically cleaning deleted records.

  2. You can delete it from server console:
    mysql -uroot -p
    enter mysql root password
    use splynx;
    delete from customers where email = ‘customer@domain.com’ and deleted = ‘1’;

Today I will fix that problem and it will be available in our dev version.