PPPoe with Mikrotik

Good Day

I have splynx server set up. My Mikrotik connect to the splynx network via a L2TP connection.
They can communicate to each other. Monitoring on the Splynx gui shows that the device is up and snmp works well.

I have create a test user and set a tariff of 1024KBPS up and Down and played around with the FUP.

I have set the Mikrotik up to use Splynx for Auth and Accounting.

I Have enable the Mikrotik API.

I managed to connect successfully with my test account through the mikrotik via pppoe.

My problem comes in that there is no queues or shaping done for the account.

Is there anything I might have missed?

Hi, if you are using API for creation of queues, you also should define the router in services of customer.