Mikrotik & Splynx Traffic Prioritization

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Please can you advise on traffic prioritization with regard to splynx and mikrotik.

I have three different package types (value, with low priority on the splynx tarrif setup, basic with normal, and premium with high). I wanted to find out from you if I setup traffic prioritization rules on the mikrotik, if they will clash with the splynx queues.

I’m asking this because I want to prioritize voip and gaming for example over downloads and p2p


Now is not posible to use priority filtering by type of traffic,

But what you can do, is using API accounting and simple queue type, create a sector in mikrotik, for example, 30Mb sector. Then when you asign the tarif in customer services, you must select the router and that sector. You can do it with diferent tariffs with diferent priority(High, Normal, Low), all of them in same sector and router. When the total amount of speed is the maximum in that sector, the priority will be applied.

thank you for your reply.

the reason for asking is mainly for VoIP prioritization over all other traffic.

Could you explain how we can prioritize (on the mikrotik) VoIP traffic above all other queues/priorities/traffic?

Hi Cliff, it can be achieved on CPE side.
If you have CPE running on Mikrotik, Splynx can create on CPE rules for VOIP prioritisation over API. Will it work for you ? I can describe it in details if you want

More information about the contention is available here - https://doc.splynx.com/display/SPL/Contentions