Mikrotik RouterOS 6.39 Radius issues

If you use the web client - System, Packages, check current version, change to bugfix, download and upgrade - takes under two minutes. BUT. For the first 2-4 minutes, new PPP sessions will fail RADIUS because the user is already logged in. Gave us a pucker moment, for sure.

—* Bill

guys seems like the issue could be fixed???
*) ppp - send correct IP address in RADIUS “accounting-stop” messages (introduced in 6.39); in change log of 6.40rc15

can someone maybe confirm???


Yep, confirmed, in Mikrotik 6.40 has fixed it

Hi, Mikrotik fixed the bug in 6.39.2 also :

  • ppp - send correct IP address in RADIUS “accounting-stop” messages (introduced in 6.39)

So now radius stop packets should work everywhere fine

Mikrotik released 6.41.1 version, 6.42 is coming. In 6.42 there will be a support to inject Parent to Simple Queue that is created by Radius server. We are waiting for proper DHCP radius accounting to be able to gather stats via Radius.