Migrate to Cloud Server

Hy Guys

Im done with my local test, its time i put this framework to full force, how do i migrate data from local to cloud?

How do i get a license for cloud server or do i use the same one?



On new server:
install clear splynx
make copy of /var/www/splynx to /var/www/splynx_new

On old server:
make backup (/var/www/splynx/system/backup/backup --full=true
copy all from old server /var/www/splynx to new server /var/www/splynx

On new server:
cd /var/www/splynx/system/backup/mysql
get last file with -full.sql.gz
unarchive it
mysql -u root -p splynx < last file -full.sql (unarchived)

enter mysql root password

and if all is fine you’ll receive restored database
than you need to copy new mysql config file
from /var/www/splynx_new/config/mysql.php to /var/www/splynx/config/mysql.php

if it’s all right system must work…

Yes, you can use it.

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can you help with this, after unarchive fullbackup there .sql file but with this command i have error unknown database

please, show screenshots of your commands and results

Did you install Splynx on new server ?

Yes i installed new server, make full backup on old and cooy it to new one… after depacked it work but sometimes abouy 1-6hours it give error. Error on screen

How many memory is on cloud server?

512mb. Not enough?

1 gb minimum

I recommended https://fxdata.cloud/ where you host your website. There proved many services like Infrastructure as a Service, Database as a Service, Block Storage as a Service, Object Storage as a Service, Network as a Service.

You don’t need any license to use a cloud. Just got to https://fxdata.cloud/ select plan as per your requirements, validate your payment details and get credentials of cloud server. and follow steps given by “ex”. Thats it.

Hope it will help you