Master-Slave Config: Restore Splynx Master on a Splynx Slave

Hello Team,

I would like to achieve a Master-Slave Type of configuration of Splynx with two Splynx Installations.
Both would run at the same time on two different (V-)Machines.

The second (Slave) machine would take over immediately (second radius client entry on the Mikrotiks) if the first (Master) one fails.

I figured that the Slave machine could backup the Masters Config every few hours to be fairly current.
Using , that works.

Knowing that there are encrypted passwords on the database - what would be the correct way to restore the backup on the Slave machine?

Can I simply dump the whole database on the master and import on the slave?



for HA we recommend to use Proxmox (

about your questions, yes all passwords is encrypted and keys is stored on config/encrypt.php

so, if this file will be same, all encrypted data will be usable.

Yes, also possible to configure master - slave replication on mysql.