Invalid value for System API url!

Hi Splynx-Support Team,

we are having trouble setting the system api url under Config->Main->Preferences:

There we entered “https://splynx.mycompany.local/” and an error response box shows up saying “Invalid value for System API url!”
Appending “/api” or “/api/2.0/” to the url causes the same message.

Also frequently a notification shows up: " System API does not respond! Please go to [Config / Main / Preferences] and fix API url."

We are running our whole environment in a private network for testing purposes, the ssl-certificates used are the snakeoil-ones.

Config->Main->HTTPS->SSL under Step3:Testing and Installing says: “SSL config status Enabled”;
And also the Webinterface is reachable under “https://splynx.mycompany.local

Any ideas where our config could be faulty?


Hello @gerald.potkowa,
Thanks for reaching out!
Would you be so kind to submit a ticket to with the same detailed description of this issue and we will check everything. We have encountered a couple of similar cases so everything should be checked very precisely.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Hello @gerald.potkowa

I can say that general suggestion is - run curl command with your API URL
For your server it answers with:

root@***:~# curl https://splynx***local
curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate

Splynx won’t work correctly with self signed certificate.
If you cannot get correct certificates yourself, please create support ticket as @vladimir said. Our engineers will help you with this.